Tipard Xbox Converter for Mac

Tipard Xbox Converter for Mac 3.6.06

Tipard Xbox Converter for Mac

Author:Tipard Studio
Platform:Mac OS X, Mac Other, Other
Updated:2011-05-20 13:43:52
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Tipard Xbox Converter for Mac convert video like MP4, H.264, M4V, AVI, WMV, 3GP, 3GPP, MPG, MPEG, and HD video/movie to Xbox/Xbox 360 HD WMV, HD ASF, HD MPEG4(.mp4), HD AVI, etc. Tipard Xbox Converter for Mac is also effective to get audio from any video/audio formats to Xbox/Xbox 360 MP3, WAV, WMA. Plus, it has brand-new interface and latest system kernel, superior encoding and decoding performance, and supports 5.1 track and No Audio output, has optional Aspect Ratio Settings & Zoom modes, adjustable output file volume, and supports cue file/popular devices profile.

Key Functions:

1. Broad formats to Xbox, Xbox 360 video on Mac
Convert general videos and HD videos to Xbox, Xbox 360 HD WMV, HD ASF, HD MPEG4(.mp4), HD AVI, DivX(.avi), etc.

2. Put audio on Xbox compatible audio
Extract audio from videos and convert audio to Xbox, Xbox 360 MP3, WAV, WMA audio.

3. Trim and merge
Tipard Xbox Converter for Mac can help you trim video file and join several pieces together as a single one.

4. Cool watermarks provided for Mac users
You can add pictures or images to make a contrast.

5. Adjust output settings
Set the Video Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, Video Bitrate. Set the Audio Encoder, Sample Rate, Channels, Audio Bitrate. You also can save all the output settings as your preference.

6. Output multiple formats for one video at the same time
Tipard Xbox Converter for Mac can convert one video to different formats simultaneously making the conversion faster and easier.

7. Preview and snapshot
Tipard Xbox Converter for Mac allows you to preview the original video and output video effect simultaneously. And you are available to capture favorite picture when you preview.

8. Fastest Conversion Speed
Provide the fastest conversion speed (>400%), completely support dual core CPU.