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Total SQL Commander 2005

Platform:Win2000, Win98, WinXP
Updated:2011-11-04 03:19:05
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Total SQL Commander 2005 is a light and powerful share software, which brings a lot of convenience to manage the Microsoft SQL 2000/2005 database.

Total SQL Commander is quite helpful in quickly find out database objects.

The search window will automatically pop-up when you pressing any key in the Server/Database/Object list box, the Server/Database/Object list box will focus first item which's name include the key, so you can continue to pressing the key until you find out the server/database/object you want.

The search window also exists in designing table, but need pressing the hotkey Ctrl + F first, it will help you to find out the column you want.

This software will keep records of your visit, and when you restart the software, it will automatically jump to record your last visit.

Of course it also provides all most functions like the Microsoft SQL Manager in the software.