Virto Thumbnail View for MS SharePoint

Virto Thumbnail View for MS SharePoint 1.0.0

Virto Thumbnail View for MS SharePoint

Updated:2012-08-14 08:05:26
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Virto Thumbnail View Web Part allows you to show images thumbnails for the SharePoint document libraries.

SharePoint users tend to add pictures not only to the picture libraries, but to document libraries as well. By default pictures in SharePoint document libraries are shown with icons opposite them. But working with pictures should include the ability to view at least their reduced-size copies - thumbnails.

To resolve the issue Virtosoftware has launched Virto Thumbnail View for Microsoft SharePoint. The solution enables you to replace standard picture icons with their thumbnails and makes working with pictures in document libraries more visual and convenient.

Moreover by a single click on a thumbnail, SharePoint user can switch to slideshow and view pictures manually or in the automatic slideshow mode. The solution is simple-to-use and adjusted in several minutes after installation in a document library settings.

Key Features:

SharePoint Document Library support
Thumbnail width and height adjusting
Enlarging images by clicking of thumbnail
Slide Show Mode
Automatic slide show mode