VoiceMon 2.85


Author:UrsaSoft Inc
Platform:Win7 x32, WinVista, WinXP
Updated:2013-01-03 08:23:47
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An easy sound monitor and voice recorder on your computer. This voice recorder is designated mainly to record and spy Voice Chat message of instant messengers, including MSN Voice Chat, Skype Voice Chat, Yahoo!Messenger Voice chat, ICQ Voice Chat, QQ Voice Chat, etc. It can record other sounds as well, such as streaming audio from Internet, music played by Winamp, the sound from microphone, earphone, etc.

VoiceMon Features:
1.VoiceMon support auto recording task trigger options.

2.VoiceMon can record the voice on the fly as long as you like without interruption.

3.VoiceMon support to set time length of recording file.

4.Support recording and volume control.

5.Spy mode for recording.