WebService PingPong

WebService PingPong

WebService PingPong

Updated:2013-06-03 10:09:34
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HTA application that allows operators to immediately check the status of web services.

This performed by sending in a SOAP requests (that the user can fully customize) to one or more web services.

For each web service tested the following information is presented back to the user:

Number of web services reported OK - HTTP status code 200 was sent back from web service.

Number of web services reported WARNING - Warnings is usually the results given when the webservice took longe than expected to send a respond back.

Number of web services reported NOK - HTTP status code sent back from the web service is anything else than 200.

Detailed information of each web service check is also presented in a report that presents the following information:

Web service URL - The web service URL used.

HTTP status code - The HTTP status code sent back.

HTTP readystate - The HTTP readystate sent back.

Status summary - Short information if the attempt was successful, when the attempt was performed, and how long it took.

Request sent - The SOAP request sent in to web service.

Response result - The SOAP response sent back from the web service.

All the information in the reports can then be extracted to a html file, by clicking the Export to report-button.