WishPOS 2.809


Platform:WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Other
Updated:2013-07-26 04:52:00
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Intuitive point of sale software. Very easy to use, and highly customizable; it is as powerful (or as simple) as you want it to be! Don't take our word for it - give our completely free 7 day trial a go now at http://www.wishpos.com

General retail:
Almost 100 sales functions, PDF/Word/Excel exportable reports, email alerts, activity log, supplier ordering with custom invoices, customizable staff permissions and more.

Cafes and hospitality:
- table mapping
- powerful split payment system
- tabs
- phone orders

Fashion boutique / shoes:
- multi-color/multi-size items made super simple and super fast
- extensive customer account support with lay-by, discounts, custom invoices, easy refunds/exchanges
- full data retention and easily export your customers' data

Convenience / Fruit and vege shops:
- Our automated promotions wizard makes setting up complex promotions a breeze
- full integration with several scales and scale/scanner all-in-ones
- email alerts based on stock level or expiration
- powerful suppliers functions makes ordering as simple as a button press

We have a vast number of other functions that too numerous to go into here! These include excel import / export support for your inventory, customizable interface, stocktake, label printing with A4 printer, multiple price levels, historic stock data, secondary display support and a lot more.

Give our free 7 day trial at www.wishpos.com a go today!