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Xtab2 is a robust Android Tablet, Running on Android OS 2.3.4 and a cortex A9 1.2GHz dual core CPU it gives users full access to the Android Market and over 250, 000 games and apps. NXG Electronics Xtab2 uses a 7 inch Capacitive Screen with Multi Touch sensors, that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Works great with your Kindle e-Reader or if you want to Play Games all day, the NXG Electronics Xtab2 will will handle all this and more!

Mobility: Xtab2 can be used anywhere you go. Because of its extremely light weight and handy characteristics, it can be used standing up or sitting down. It can also effortlessly be tucked below the arm just like a clutch purse and could be carried from one place to another very conveniently. Laptops and netbooks are portable but you will need to put them on your lap or top of a table before you can use them. If you want to use a laptop, you cannot hold it with your hands and operate it but with an Xtab2, you can easily do that.

Flat working surface: The form factor and convertible design characteristic of Xtab2 means it can be laid flat on any working surface. This facilitates better presentations and personalized interactions with people. It's perfect for sales meetings, or any meeting in which you don't want technology to interfere with the personal dynamics. You can sit across the table with someone and take notes without having your PC or laptop acting as a dividing wall.

Truly personal: Xtab2 Tablet PC puts the 'P' back into PC. You can express yourself with your own handwriting. This will be your individual effort. You could also add your handwritten signature to the end of your e-mails something that you cannot do with either your PC or your laptop. Electronic input power: Notes can be taken during any business meeting or conference, which are classed as electronic inputs.