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Updated:2011-03-19 08:11:24
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ZombieDobby is an internet toolbar browser game. Dobby is just another name for "tag", and this is in fact the first World Wide Game of Brain Eating Zombie Browser Tag, a WWG, if you will... with Zombies!

It's simple to play ZombieDobby. You just install the free ZombieDobby Toolbar and surf the web. The toolbar handles everything else, including whether or not you've run into a Zombie, whether or not the Zombie managed to tag you, and your current Health, Score, and Rank. The Upgrades feature is currently not fully implemented so the little gun, knife, and grenade on the toolbar do nothing -- yet.

The toolbar requires only a username, and we always recommend something that does not identify you personally when working online. We, and the toolbar, do not collect any emails or other personal information, just the username you choose so the system knows when two unique ZombieDobby Toolbars have an encoutner on the web.

We would be thrilled if you could see your way clear to trying it out and passing it along to friends, family, and strangers you've met on Facebook. If people want to try the game you can simply direct them to zombiedobby.com for the download. ZombieDobby includes the custom ZombieDobby search engine lovingly called, "Brains". It's actually a very good meta search engine, with features not seen on even the big guys, so give it a try.

We're giving away a new Sony PS3 system to the winner of the first full Beta round. The first full Beta test round will start after Alpha testing is done; Alpha testing is happening now. Because this is an Alpha version you may expect two things: (i) Bugs - lots of them maybe. Let us know if you spot one and we will get them all squished. (ii) Upgrades - regularly. As we squish the Bugs new toolbars will have to be released. Generally old toolbars will continue to work but the new ones will eliminate errors.