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aTunes Pro is a complete program specially developed for playing and managing all your music and videos on the computer. You can also manage and sync any external audio/video device as if you were using an iPod.

aTunes Pro also offers you hundreds of useful features for getting the most out of your music:
create and edit interactive play lists, watch videos on Youtube, play hundreds of radio stations and podcasts, and much more.

aTunes Pro is designed to perform the following functions:

1) Playback:

- Compatible with formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, MP4, M4A, etc.
- Integrated player.
- Interactive play lists.
- Create, edit and manage each list.
- Support for multiple lists simultaneously.
- Volume control and ten band equalizer.
- Sync with portable devices.
- Karaoke function.
- Programmed Shuffle and repeat mode.

2) Entertainment:

- Access to the lyrics and music video for each song.
- Information about the album's release.
- Information about the album and the ability to listen to it.
- Obtain the album cover.
- Biography of each artist.
- Complete discography of the artist and unrestricted access to any of their subject matter.
- Preview and play all the artist's music videos.
- Lists with similar artists and the ability to select them.

3) Browse Online:

- Watch videos on YouTube.
- Play hundreds of radio stations categorized by genre.
- Browse using tabs.
- Support for Podcast feeds.
- Contextual information about each artist.
- Inclusion of Tags.
- View lyrics of each song.

4) Extra Features:

- Support for audio CDs.
- Import data from external devices.
- Intuitive interface.
- Multilingual.
- Totally free.