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Updated:2011-03-19 05:14:52
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uPrompt is designed to be a very simple, yet effective teleprompter designed for the small business/home webcam producer. Using left-hand keyboard commands for controlling scripts, uPrompt leaves the right hand free for using the mouse. This makes uPrompt perfect for scrolling audio voice scripts while capturing video of other desktop applications or webcam presentations.

uPrompt has all the basic controls of professional teleprompter's such as: script pausing, speed control, reverse direction scroll, and multiple font sizes. uPrompt uses simple text (.txt) files for scripts making it extremely flexible. uPrompt also has the ability to queue multiple scripts and load them with one touch of the keyboard allowing multiple script presentations.

Whether you're a producer of YouTube length videos or instructional presentations for clients and customers, uPrompt is a great addition to the one-man-band video producer's toolbox.