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Added on: 2012-04-02 16:59:44 by: Emanuel

April Fools on the web is all about the "lols". This year was no exception, April Fools 2012 brought us some of the craziest ideas the big companies taught of. In this article we will take a look at some of the best pranks made this year and we will list our top favorites.

- The first prank that we really enjoyed was Google's Really Advanced Search. As a Google Search user the taught of having these kind of search filters really made me giggle. So, you can search for something using words that are : "almost, but not quite entirely unlike", "rhyming slang for" or "subtext or innuendo for". If that's not enough for you, Google give you the possibility to narrow your results by: "font", "textured background" and our personal favorite "content that is true".

To check out Google's Really Advanced Search please visit this link.

- Another great prank that really hit the spot was Skype's new product Skype for String. This new product is an experimental version of Skype that doesn't require a direct internet connection.

Some of the main features Skype for String give you is: Making audio calls by giving your contacts a cup that's connected to yours, and you can really spice things up with a video call , as long as your friend is within eye sight.

To check out this prank visit the offical webpage

- Ever wondered if you could access YouTube and view your favorite clips without an internet connection? Well , yes you can (not really it's a prank)! All this is possible wit the YouTube Collection on DVD.

- And last but not least the New and Revolutionary product Ubuntu for Eyewear. Although clearly a prank by Canonical, I for one would do anything for such a device to exist.

It has: Groundbreaking face-mounted productivity solution; Lucrative Opportunities for software vendors, opticians and eyewear manufacturers; Replace cumbersome PCs and smartphones with a single, lightweight device; Fashion meets face in an all-new accessory ecosystem.

To check out Ubuntu for Eyewear go here.

Other honorable mentions are:

- Chrome Multitask Mode

- World's Smallest Ultrabook: The VAIO Q

- CatBlock

- Reddit Timeline

- Gmail Tap

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