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Bopup IM Suite Enterprise Pack
Bopup IM Suite Enterprise Pack 5.1

Secure client/server instant messaging suite designed to provide efficient chat and communication capabilities over LANs and networks of any size. This bundle includes a license for Bopup Communication Server (IM server) + 100 instant messengers.

Bopup IM Suite Office Pack
Bopup IM Suite Office Pack 5.1

Instant Messaging and chat system for offices

Downloads: 7
Size: 115.33MB
Bopup IM Suite Standard Pack
Bopup IM Suite Standard Pack 5.1

Instant Messaging and chat system for offices

Downloads: 8
Size: 115.33MB
UpdateYeti 2015
UpdateYeti 2015 2.44g

Keep your software up-to-date with UpdateYeti

Downloads: 120
Size: 2.76MB
Baby Kids Keyboard Free Edition
Baby Kids Keyboard Free Edition 3.1712

An educational kids game locks your keyboard.

Downloads: 47
Size: 4.95MB
AutoLogger 4.8

Log in helper

Downloads: 1488
Size: 0.46MB
PeaZip for Linux
PeaZip for Linux 6.4.0

File archiver utility for Linux, RAR opener

Downloads: 1777
Size: 9.48MB
PeaZip Portable
PeaZip Portable 6.4.0

Portable zip utility, open 7Z, RAR, TAR, ZIP

Downloads: 1783
Size: 9.39MB
PeaZip 64 bit
PeaZip 64 bit 6.4.0

Free ZIP software, extract RAR TAR ZIP files

Downloads: 1776
Size: 7.13MB
Key Transformation
Key Transformation 8.1712

Customize keyboard layout Change keyboard key

Downloads: 1606
Size: 0.74MB
Baraha 10.10.164

Baraha - Indian Language Software

Downloads: 2338
Size: 11.48MB
Book Library Software
Book Library Software 4.4

Book Library Software is the best for you!

Downloads: 1640
Size: 5.62MB
PC Fresh
PC Fresh 2015g

Easy Windows optimizing

Downloads: 179
Size: 22.3MB
DVD Library
DVD Library 9.3

DVD Library makes your collection gorgeous!

Downloads: 1881
Size: 7.95MB
SNMP Data Logger
SNMP Data Logger

Advanced Professional SNMP Data Logger

Downloads: 166
Size: 14.05MB
Cryptbox 2017.7g

Cryptbox 2017 encrypts data safely.

Downloads: 170
Size: 28.97MB
Screenphoto 2016g

Screenphoto: Screenshots made easy!

Downloads: 449
Size: 10.97MB
Photo Decorator
Photo Decorator 4.1712

Easy and funny photo enhancing and editing s

Downloads: 210
Size: 18.32MB
ProxyInspector Enterprise edition
ProxyInspector Enterprise edition 3.8.2324

The best solution to monitor internet usage

Downloads: 204
Size: 13.19MB
UTFCast Professional
UTFCast Professional 2.9.6293

Batch convert text files to UTF

Downloads: 194
Size: 4.47MB
CleverPrint 2016g

Perfect Printing: Saves 50% of printing costs

Downloads: 1944
Size: 45.77MB
Chameleon Startup Manager Lite
Chameleon Startup Manager Lite

Startup manager for Windows

Downloads: 1938
Size: 3.9MB
CheckDrive 2016g

Checks hard disks for errors. Free Software!

Downloads: 1915
Size: 3.05MB
AbAlarm 9g

AbAlarm - A virtual alarm clock for your PC.

Downloads: 1936
Size: 2.87MB

Synchronize file with FTP/Cloud/WebDAV etc

Downloads: 167
Size: 9.36MB