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Make your games run faster on your computer.


Make your games and internet run faster.

magayo Lotto

Powerful yet easy-to-use Lotto software


Leatrix Latency Fix
Leatrix Latency Fix

Reduce World of Warcraft latency significantly

Downloads: 2264
Size: 6KB
Bergman 1.0

A wildly challenging card game

Downloads: 103
Size: 1.79MB
Jigazo puzzle
Jigazo puzzle

Universal Jigsaw Puzzle

Downloads: 3122
Size: 34.29MB
Angry Birds for Pokki
Angry Birds for Pokki 1.0

Angry Birds is a free puzzle video game

Downloads: 2546
Size: 0.75MB
2012 Mahjong
2012 Mahjong 1.0

Celebrate the New Year with 2012 Mahjong!

Downloads: 1553
Size: 2.55MB
GTA 4 Cheats
GTA 4 Cheats 1.4

Cheats for GTA 4

Downloads: 2161
Size: 0.71MB
Klondike Battle
Klondike Battle 2.0

Double Solitaire Klondike Battle Patience

Downloads: 1779
Size: 6.68MB
Jigsaw Girls
Jigsaw Girls 1.2.9

A fresh girl a day keeps the boredom away!

Downloads: 2061
Size: 6.13MB
CFB SpotWord
CFB SpotWord 2.0

How many words can you make from 9 letters?

Downloads: 157
Size: 2.33MB
14-Out Solitaire
14-Out Solitaire 1.1

Fourteen out Solitaire Card Game for free!

Downloads: 1966
Size: 2.35MB
Trick Ball
Trick Ball 1.02

great action and fun in more than 60 levels

Downloads: 161
Size: 4.43MB
CANASTA Card Game From Special K
CANASTA Card Game From Special K 3.18

This game plays the card game of CANASTA

Downloads: 2022
Size: 2.59MB
3D Tetris
3D Tetris 4.1.0

The goal of the game is to complete a layer.

Downloads: 160
Size: 87KB
3Doku (for Windows)
3Doku (for Windows) 1.2

3Doku adds a three-dimensional fun to Sudoku

Downloads: 106
Size: 1.54MB
3D Kit Builder (Chopper)
3D Kit Builder (Chopper) 3.5

Ready to assemble 3D Model Kit

Downloads: 1944
Size: 3.1MB
3D Shangai Mahjong Unlimited
3D Shangai Mahjong Unlimited 1.1

A challenging game of solitaire for everyone

Downloads: 106
Size: 9.45MB
BigPatience 5.0

Play 60 solitaire card games!

Downloads: 1934
Size: 12.49MB
Agile Lines
Agile Lines 1.3.1

Extremely addictive five-in-a-row style game

Downloads: 124
Size: 1.31MB
3DRT Dominos
3DRT Dominos 1.0

A classical 3D Dominoes game for two players.

Downloads: 376
Size: 3.18MB
3D The Mill Unlimited
3D The Mill Unlimited 1.0

A great 9 paws 3D Mill Game over Internet.

Downloads: 435
Size: 2.71MB
3D Pinball Unlimited
3D Pinball Unlimited 1.0

An addictive computerized Pinball machine.

Downloads: 1934
Size: 3.05MB
3D Chinese Checkers Unlimited
3D Chinese Checkers Unlimited 1.0

A fine Chinese checkers to play on internet.

Downloads: 374
Size: 2.42MB
3D Chess Unlimited
3D Chess Unlimited 1.0

Rediscover the pleasure of playing Chess

Downloads: 228
Size: 3.34MB
3D Checkers Unlimited
3D Checkers Unlimited 1.0

A fine 3D Checkers for all level of games.

Downloads: 420
Size: 2.69MB
3D Backgammon Unlimited
3D Backgammon Unlimited 1.0

A stylish 3D Backgammon to play on internet.

Downloads: 379
Size: 2.87MB
3D Backgammon
3D Backgammon 1.6

3D visualization of the board game backgammon

Downloads: 439
Size: 0.73MB
Pacco Quest 3D
Pacco Quest 3D 1.9

Pacco Quest 3D is a modern remake of Pac-Man!

Downloads: 173
Size: 6MB
33 Corners: Adventure(PC Game)
Downloads: 122
Size: 9.43MB
Zaxxoids Trial

Combines puzzles with fast-paced action.

Downloads: 166
Size: 2.79MB
When Clones Attack!
When Clones Attack! 1.04

A fun but silly freeware shoot'em'up.

Downloads: 171
Size: 0.58MB
My SUDOKU 1.62

My SUDOKU enables building sudoku puzzles.

Downloads: 127
Size: 1.84MB
Battlefleet:  Pacific War
Battlefleet: Pacific War 2.51

Naval battleship game WW2

Downloads: 1947
Size: 12.44MB
ArcaMania 2
ArcaMania 2 2.3

Brick-busting arkanoid,more than 100 levels!

Downloads: 103
Size: 5.74MB
3D Aqua Slider
3D Aqua Slider 1.4

Amazing underwater challenge to your mind!

Downloads: 94
Size: 3.71MB
2M Words Collection
2M Words Collection 1.2_us

11 great and clever words games in 1 pack !

Downloads: 94
Size: 9.2MB