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Recommended Internet & Communication downloads


SmartFTP - FTP Client.

Cat: FTP
Internet Download Manager

Accelerate, resume downloads, download videos


NooG 1.2

Handy internet search assistent.

Downloads: 1643
Size: 0.79MB
Sakai Sync Pro
Sakai Sync Pro

Best utility to sync your pc with sakai sites

Downloads: 1853
Size: 6.17MB
AutoFTP Client
AutoFTP Client

AutoFTP: The world's best FTP Client

Downloads: 1816
Size: 0.56MB
Skypeman 2.1

Skypeman - set any ringtone for each contact.

Downloads: 1693
Size: 3.22MB
UScan Web Spider Software
UScan Web Spider Software

Fetches all the relevant web page info

Downloads: 1701
Size: 1.57MB
Machinery Classified Script
Machinery Classified Script 7.5.0

iLister Heavy Machinery PHP Classified Script

Downloads: 1701
Size: 42.96MB
Fayetracker 4.0

same functionality as the netstat command

Downloads: 1658
Size: 0.16MB
Acid Scanner Free
Acid Scanner Free 1.1

Scanner of shared resources and Terminal.

Downloads: 1766
Size: 0.2MB
uDownloader 1.1

Download all stream video and audio free

Downloads: 1608
Size: 7.02MB
StarTrinity SIP Tester
StarTrinity SIP Tester 3.1

SIP tester is a free VoIP load testing tool

Downloads: 1686
Size: 3.82MB

ZDuplex is a communication framework for .Net

Downloads: 1674
Size: 3MB
Stare proxy checker
Stare proxy checker 1.34

Powerful tool for checking proxy lists

Downloads: 1673
Size: 7.53MB
Free Internet Download Manager
Free Internet Download Manager 3.9

Free download manager & internet accelerator

Downloads: 1933
Size: 3.88MB
Social Downloader
Social Downloader

Download Facebook,Instagram,Twitter contents.

Downloads: 1598
Size: 2.99MB
Email Sourcer
Email Sourcer

Free email extractor: grab contact info

Downloads: 1684
Size: 55.26MB
OutWit Hub
OutWit Hub

Free Web scraper: extract data & media

Downloads: 1668
Size: 39.44MB
feelDweb 2.0

It's a bookmark manager

Downloads: 44
Size: 0.3MB
OutWit Images for Firefox
OutWit Images for Firefox

Online Image Browser: Find, Download & Share

Downloads: 1629
Size: 0KB
maryfi 1.1

turn your win7 laptop into a wifi hotspot

Downloads: 1688
Size: 2.06MB
OutWit Docs for Firefox
OutWit Docs for Firefox

Firefox add-on: search and download documents

Downloads: 1603
Size: 0KB
StepHunter 1.0.24b

Advanced News Reader

Downloads: 1659
Size: 16.92MB
Darcy Ripper
Darcy Ripper

Darcy Software is a web scrapping tool.

Downloads: 1579
Size: 6.33MB
OUTDATEfighter 1.1.97

Free Software Update Monitor for Windows PC

Downloads: 1572
Size: 1.99MB
Picture Downloader
Picture Downloader

Pictures Batch Download Software

Downloads: 1578
Size: 8.4MB
Web Accelerator Plus
Web Accelerator Plus 2.0.1

A download manager to speed up downloading.

Downloads: 1625
Size: 6.47MB
Wi-Fi Scanner
Wi-Fi Scanner 22.11

With Wi-Fi Scanner, you can find all nearby …

Downloads: 1628
Size: 6.14MB
SoundFrost 3.0

Free music download and playback

Downloads: 1805
Size: 13.76MB
Soundtooth for PC
Soundtooth for PC

Easiest Youtube MP3 Converter on the Market

Downloads: 1608
Size: 0.41MB
Instagram Downloader
Instagram Downloader 1.0

Download user albums from Instagram.

Downloads: 1864
Size: 61KB
DownTango 1.1.1022

DownTango - simple and efficient download.

Downloads: 1819
Size: 11.15MB
Total Webmail Converter
Total Webmail Converter 1.4

Convert emails directly from a POP3 account.

Downloads: 1584
Size: 23.27MB
Free MP3jam
Free MP3jam 1.1.3

Download, search & play MP3 FREE

Downloads: 1616
Size: 8.38MB
MASS Hotmail Account Creator
MASS Hotmail Account Creator 2.1.87

MASS Hotmail Account Creator

Downloads: 1717
Size: 4KB
Willing Webcam Screensaver
Willing Webcam Screensaver 1.0

Webcam screensaver.

Downloads: 1822
Size: 4.65MB
Windows Vista Tools
Windows Vista Tools 9.41

Top-rated Windows Vista Tools Free Download

Downloads: 1572
Size: 6MB