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Recommended Security & Privacy downloads

Wireless Password Recovery

Learn how to hack wifi password.

Password Manager Professional

Secure password manager for enterprise.


LightLogger Keylogger
LightLogger Keylogger

Computer monitoring for Windows made easy.

Downloads: 126
Size: 1.95MB
Crack Windows 2000 Password
Crack Windows 2000 Password

Windows admin and user password crack tool

Downloads: 92
Size: 39.39MB
Portable Penetrator
Portable Penetrator 8.0

Audit a network with wifi security software.

Downloads: 2488
Size: 66.91MB
Auto Hide IP
Auto Hide IP

Hide your real IP to protect your privacy.

Downloads: 130
Size: 2.32MB
WinLock Professional
WinLock Professional 7.21

Powerful security solution.

Downloads: 182
Size: 8.48MB
WinLock 7.21

Comprehensive security solution.

Downloads: 118
Size: 8.37MB
Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield 1.47

Secure your wi-fi connection from hackers

Downloads: 9287
Size: 5.45MB

iSpy detects and records sound or movement.

Downloads: 11
Size: 22.53MB
Windows Password Recovery Package
Windows Password Recovery Package 3.15

Password Recovery package for Windows.

Downloads: 158
Size: 1.1MB
Privacy Eraser Free
Privacy Eraser Free 4.21.3

Clean Your Tracks & Protect Your Privacy!

Downloads: 199
Size: 4.69MB
Power Spy Software
Power Spy Software 12.14

Keylogger, Facebook, email and chat spy.

Downloads: 162
Size: 3.63MB
Privacy Eraser Free
Privacy Eraser Free 4.21.3

Clean Your Tracks & Protect Your Privacy!

Downloads: 111
Size: 4.69MB
UltraSurf 12.03

Protect your internet privacy and security.

Downloads: 23263
Size: 0.37MB
Paraben's Chat Examiner
Paraben's Chat Examiner 3.1

Forensically analyze chat logs.

Downloads: 1809
Size: 38.9MB
GiliSoft Privacy Protector
GiliSoft Privacy Protector 7.2

A powerful privacy protection suite.

Downloads: 1440
Size: 0.14MB
Password Manager Professional
Password Manager Professional 3.2.691

Secure password manager for enterprise.

Downloads: 1493
Size: 3.32MB
Privacy Drive
Privacy Drive 3.7

Secure Sensitive Data & Protect Your Privacy!

Downloads: 1500
Size: 1.38MB
Hotspot Shield Elite
Hotspot Shield Elite 3.42

Use our VPN to access block websites and apps

Downloads: 6197
Size: 7.59MB
PCUnlocker 1.7

Unlock lost Windows administrator password

Downloads: 1805
Size: 28.11MB
CyaSSL 3.3.0

CyaSSL is an SSL/TLS library for developers.

Downloads: 409
Size: 1.77MB
Secret Disk
Secret Disk 3.14

Tool to create invisible disk, which is by

Downloads: 425
Size: 0.49MB
!Date Cracker 2000!
!Date Cracker 2000! 2.0

Removes time protection from programs.

Downloads: 2559
Size: 1.46MB
Privacy Protector
Privacy Protector 6.50

Erasing very sensitive files.

Downloads: 1885
Size: 2.79MB
Password Manager XP
Password Manager XP 3.3.691

Secure password keeper.

Downloads: 139
Size: 2.46MB
Password Cracker
Password Cracker 4.20

Passwords recovery tool

Downloads: 2221
Size: 59KB
Find My Credit Card for U3
Find My Credit Card for U3 2.3

Your PC stores credit card information!

Downloads: 1896
Size: 0.44MB
Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client
Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client 2.04

Fast, convenient and secure login to Citrix

Downloads: 1770
Size: 1.74MB
Classroom Spy Professional
Classroom Spy Professional 4.2.4

Classroom Monitoring & Management Application

Downloads: 1844
Size: 31.43MB
Actual Keylogger
Actual Keylogger 2.4

Free keylogger

Downloads: 1903
Size: 0.9MB
John the Ripper Pro password cracker for Mac OS X
John the Ripper Pro password cracker for Mac OS X 1.7.3

John the Ripper Pro password cracker for Mac OS X

Downloads: 2606
Size: 13MB
Total Security Antivirus Solution
Total Security Antivirus Solution 1.0

Total security antivirus for best protection

Downloads: 1771
Size: 274MB
GFI WebMonitor
GFI WebMonitor 10

Internet monitoring, web security

Downloads: 1494
Size: 108.39MB
Watchman - My Webcam My CCTV
Watchman - My Webcam My CCTV 1.8

Software for Webcam works as CCTV

Downloads: 1517
Size: 20.9MB
SGS KeyLogger Free
SGS KeyLogger Free 1.0.0

SGS KeyLogger utility

Downloads: 1481
Size: 4.58MB
Antivirus Software
Antivirus Software 3.0.1

Advanced antivirus software for latest risks

Downloads: 1531
Size: 344MB