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Recommended Desktop Enhancements downloads


Dynamic views of the earth at day and night!

Windows Snapshot Grabber

Window Snapshot Capture and Screen Capture.


Check for dead/paralysed/stuck pixels on LCD


AbAlarm 9k

AbAlarm - A virtual alarm clock for your PC.

Downloads: 1948
Size: 2.87MB
Flash Screensaver Maker Simple Version
Flash Screensaver Maker Simple Version 6.1720

Convert flash to screensaver

Downloads: 438
Size: 0.7MB
Exe Icon Changer
Exe Icon Changer 7.1720

Change icon of exe, dll, folder, driver.

Downloads: 236
Size: 0.81MB
EarthView 5.6.2

Dynamic views of the earth at day and night!

Downloads: 221
Size: 18.36MB
24x24 Free Toolbar Icons
24x24 Free Toolbar Icons 2011.1

Impressive free set of toolbar icons

Downloads: 412
Size: 0.5MB
DS Clock (64-bit)
DS Clock (64-bit) 2.6.3

Synchronize your time with atomic time server

Downloads: 1508
Size: 1.61MB
Red Web Buttons
Red Web Buttons 1.0

Red web buttons for web 2.0 social sites

Downloads: 234
Size: 0.41MB
Gothic Girls Screen saver
Gothic Girls Screen saver 1.0

Gothic Girls Free Screensaver.

Downloads: 182
Size: 3.06MB
Blue Icon Library
Blue Icon Library 4.7

Collection of icons designed in blue colors

Downloads: 185
Size: 2.52MB
Wifi Phone
Wifi Phone 1.0

WiFi Phone,screensaver,Home Phone Service

Downloads: 321
Size: 1.05MB
IsMyLcdOK 2.77

Check for dead/paralysed/stuck pixels on LCD

Downloads: 194
Size: 28KB
DesktopOK 4.71

Save and restore the desktop icon positions.

Downloads: 1870
Size: 0.16MB
Free Fireplace 3D Screensaver
Free Fireplace 3D Screensaver 1.0

Feel the atmosphere of peace and serenity!

Downloads: 108
Size: 2.79MB
Zoe Saldana Screen saver
Zoe Saldana Screen saver 1.0

Zoe Saldana Free Screensaver.

Downloads: 121
Size: 3.31MB
The Secret of Attraction Law Screensaver
The Secret of Attraction Law Screensaver 1

The Secret of Attraction Law Screensaver

Downloads: 1758
Size: 10.36MB
Free Icons Maker
Free Icons Maker 1.0

Free Icons Maker - Create & Download Icons

Downloads: 1791
Size: 0.15MB
Litecoin Miner Screen Saver
Litecoin Miner Screen Saver 1.1

The screen saver that mines Litecoin

Downloads: 1760
Size: 3.49MB
AutoTypewriter 1.0.2

Auto-Typer application

Downloads: 1508
Size: 0.41MB
PrivateDesk 1.1.2

A virtual desktop manager for windows

Downloads: 1482
Size: 2.88MB
Large Black Business Icons
Large Black Business Icons 2013.1

Simple icons for modern applications

Downloads: 1505
Size: 0.53MB
1-abc.net Wallpaper Rotation
1-abc.net Wallpaper Rotation 1.00

Change your desktop wallpaper automatically!

Downloads: 1504
Size: 0.3MB
Bitcoin Miner Screen Saver
Bitcoin Miner Screen Saver 1.0

A screen saver that mines bitcoins

Downloads: 1744
Size: 7.09MB

A small size and green application toolkit

Downloads: 1498
Size: 6.42MB
Scroll Minder
Scroll Minder v1.2

The Latest Innovation in Reminder Technology

Downloads: 1512
Size: 0.21MB
Free HD Wallpapers Downloader
Free HD Wallpapers Downloader 1.0

Get HD Wallpapers for your PC, Mobile, Mac.

Downloads: 1515
Size: 0.49MB

The Ultimate App to Manage Multiple Clouds

Downloads: 1470
Size: 10.29MB
Muay Time
Muay Time 2.3

Muay Time is a minimalistic time tracking app

Downloads: 1451
Size: 0.94MB
Large Flat Icons
Large Flat Icons 2013.3

Flat icons for modern applications

Downloads: 1490
Size: 11.5MB
Custom Aquarium Screensaver
Custom Aquarium Screensaver 1.6.0

Custom Aquarium Screensaver

Downloads: 1731
Size: 7.49MB
Cute-Timer Pro
Cute-Timer Pro 2.3.2

Cute-Timer is a time tracking utility

Downloads: 1459
Size: 8.74MB
magayo World Time Weather
magayo World Time Weather

World clock with weather and time converter

Downloads: 1761
Size: 1.2MB
Large Glossy Icons
Large Glossy Icons 2013.2

Perfect icons for perfect applications

Downloads: 1505
Size: 11.51MB
CubePhotoShow 1.0.0

CubePhotoShow - 3D Cube Photo Screen Saver

Downloads: 1758
Size: 0.82MB
Free Google Glass Icons
Free Google Glass Icons 2013.2

Icons for Google Project users and developers

Downloads: 1708
Size: 24.19MB
Free Large Boss Icons
Free Large Boss Icons 2013.2

Free Boss icons of executives, officers etc.

Downloads: 1699
Size: 27.73MB