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Recommended Software Development downloads

SoftCab Submitter

Submit your PAD to software acrhives

Modem Master ActiveX Component

Powerful COM Port wrapper Active-X

MS Developer Studio AddIn

Adds some useful features to Developer Studio


BCGControlBar Professional Edition
BCGControlBar Professional Edition 31.1

MFC extension library for customizable GUI

Downloads: 464
Size: 102.52MB
VB Decompiler
VB Decompiler 11.6

Decompiler of Visual Basic programs

Downloads: 2296
Size: 6.7MB
JxBrowser 6.21

Add a rich web browser component to Java Apps

Downloads: 198
Size: 201.57MB
ESurvey Lisps
ESurvey Lisps 10.20

Lisp Collection for Survey Drawings.

Downloads: 1593
Size: 18.48MB
RTPatch 11

Update software/data with just the changes

Downloads: 1812
Size: 1KB
DBeaver 7.2.4

Universal Database Manager and SQL Client

Downloads: 2100
Size: 0KB
EMS Source Rescuer
EMS Source Rescuer 1.01

Tool to restore Delphi/C++Builder program src

Downloads: 199
Size: 0.94MB
Obsidium Software Protection System
Obsidium Software Protection System 1.7.2-6

Protect software applications and games.

Downloads: 1752
Size: 15.89MB
ZylAppCommunicator 1.27

Communication between applications

Downloads: 1952
Size: 3.99MB
ZylGSM 1.48

component that communicates with a GSM modem

Downloads: 2019
Size: 14.51MB
THttpScan 4.8

Delphi comp. reports web links recursively

Downloads: 214
Size: 3.27MB
paxCompiler 3.1

Compiler of Pascal, Basic and JavaScript

Downloads: 445
Size: 0.73MB
PEBrowse Professional Interactive
PEBrowse Professional Interactive 8.0

Native and managed code debugger for Windows

Downloads: 1979
Size: 1.79MB
VbsEdit 9.0868

Powerful VBScript editor (for .VBS scripts)

Downloads: 2090
Size: 11.77MB
PC Guard Software Protection System
PC Guard Software Protection System 6.00.0800

Professional software protection system

Downloads: 188
Size: 2.91MB
VISCOM Free PowerPoint Viewer ActiveX
VISCOM Free PowerPoint Viewer ActiveX 1.56

Free powerpoint ppt pps viewer activex

Downloads: 117
Size: 0.48MB
FlexHEX 2.7

Advanced hex editor for files and disks

Downloads: 330
Size: 1.79MB
CallbackFilter 4.0

Keep track of file operations in real-time

Downloads: 1668
Size: 22.15MB
dotConnect for DB2
dotConnect for DB2 2.6

Advanced ADO.NET data provider for DB2.

Downloads: 1656
Size: 57.04MB
IconCool Green Submission Assistant
IconCool Green Submission Assistant 1.00.131031

Green submission tool for software

Downloads: 1825
Size: 12.27MB
NFT DBCompare
NFT DBCompare 1.0.46

database comparison tool

Downloads: 1797
Size: 35.7MB
Aspose.Cells for Android
Aspose.Cells for Android

Aspose.Cells is an Android Excel component.

Downloads: 1834
Size: 3.09MB
Aspose.Words for Android
Aspose.Words for Android

Aspose.Words is Android word processing API

Downloads: 1671
Size: 3.09MB
Video Management System (ONVIF compatible)
Video Management System (ONVIF compatible)

VMS Pro is a free video management system.

Downloads: 1674
Size: 42.35MB
Bitmap2LCD 3.9q

Programming Tool for small graphic LCD

Downloads: 1598
Size: 11.69MB
Aspose.Email for Android
Aspose.Email for Android

Aspose.BarCode is Android Email component.

Downloads: 1661
Size: 3.09MB
Word Reports
Word Reports 1.00

Create Word reports in .NET

Downloads: 1635
Size: 3.86MB
ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET
ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET 2.0

ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET Source

Downloads: 1581
Size: 20MB
Helges Switchblade
Helges Switchblade 0.9

Is a portable troubleshooting toolkit

Downloads: 1559
Size: 48.5MB
iPhone to Android Transfer
iPhone to Android Transfer 3.1.2

The best iPhone to Android Transfer Software

Downloads: 1902
Size: 23.94MB
Shudepb 1.8973

ShuDepb the best pb decompiler

Downloads: 1608
Size: 0KB

.NET executables compression and encryption

Downloads: 1608
Size: 1.24MB
Milesight VMS Pro(ONVIF compatible)
Milesight VMS Pro(ONVIF compatible)

Milesight VMS Pro is a central management system.

Downloads: 1577
Size: 42.35MB
MindFusion.Diagramming for ASP.NET MVC
MindFusion.Diagramming for ASP.NET MVC 2.7

A flow diagramming library for ASP.NET MVC.

Downloads: 1650
Size: 123.75MB
Technical Documentation Copy+Paste Kit
Technical Documentation Copy+Paste Kit 2013

Helps you write clear manuals and help files.

Downloads: 1828
Size: 12.45MB