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Recommended Software Development downloads

dotConnect for MySQL

A data provider for MySQL built over ADO.NET

dotConnect for PostgreSQL

Advanced ADO.NET data provider for PostgreSQL

dotConnect for Oracle

Advanced ADO.NET data provider for Oracle


DBeaver 7.2.1

Universal Database Manager and SQL Client

Downloads: 2044
Size: 0KB
VB Decompiler
VB Decompiler 11.5

Decompiler of Visual Basic programs

Downloads: 2157
Size: 6.67MB
Docklight Scripting
Docklight Scripting 2.3.26

Automated tests for serial COM, TCP/UDP, HID

Downloads: 2063
Size: 6.59MB
JxBrowser 6.21

Add a rich web browser component to Java Apps

Downloads: 157
Size: 201.57MB
MSI Wrapper
MSI Wrapper

Convert EXE to MSI. Wrap exe installer in MSI

Downloads: 1608
Size: 3.37MB
ESurvey CAD
ESurvey CAD 10.20

ESurvey CAD - Contours, Earthwork, Topomap

Downloads: 1579
Size: 28.04MB
VidiScript Video Uploader
VidiScript Video Uploader 1.0

upload videos to all vidiscript sites at once

Downloads: 1836
Size: 6.23MB
BCGSuite for MFC
BCGSuite for MFC 30.5

MFC extension library for customizable GUI

Downloads: 37
Size: 30.67MB
BCGControlBar Professional Edition
BCGControlBar Professional Edition 30.5

MFC extension library for customizable GUI

Downloads: 360
Size: 102.52MB
Oracle Data Access Components
Oracle Data Access Components 11.3

Oracle Data Access Components for Delphi

Downloads: 1907
Size: 31.22MB
Serial Key Maker
Serial Key Maker

Effortless Protection for your .Net Software

Downloads: 2236
Size: 1.84MB
EditRocket 4.5.5

A powerful text and source code editor

Downloads: 1943
Size: 26.91MB
CallbackFilter 4.0

Keep track of file operations in real-time

Downloads: 1661
Size: 22.15MB
dotConnect for DB2
dotConnect for DB2 2.6

Advanced ADO.NET data provider for DB2.

Downloads: 1649
Size: 57.04MB
IconCool Green Submission Assistant
IconCool Green Submission Assistant 1.00.131031

Green submission tool for software

Downloads: 1817
Size: 12.27MB
NFT DBCompare
NFT DBCompare 1.0.46

database comparison tool

Downloads: 1788
Size: 35.7MB
Aspose.Cells for Android
Aspose.Cells for Android

Aspose.Cells is an Android Excel component.

Downloads: 1823
Size: 3.09MB
Aspose.Words for Android
Aspose.Words for Android

Aspose.Words is Android word processing API

Downloads: 1660
Size: 3.09MB
Video Management System (ONVIF compatible)
Video Management System (ONVIF compatible)

VMS Pro is a free video management system.

Downloads: 1664
Size: 42.35MB
Bitmap2LCD 3.9p

Programming Tool for small graphic LCD

Downloads: 1587
Size: 11.69MB
Aspose.Email for Android
Aspose.Email for Android

Aspose.BarCode is Android Email component.

Downloads: 1648
Size: 3.09MB
Word Reports
Word Reports 1.00

Create Word reports in .NET

Downloads: 1628
Size: 3.86MB
ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET
ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET 2.0

ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET Source

Downloads: 1569
Size: 20MB
Helges Switchblade
Helges Switchblade 0.9

Is a portable troubleshooting toolkit

Downloads: 1549
Size: 48.5MB
iPhone to Android Transfer
iPhone to Android Transfer 3.1.2

The best iPhone to Android Transfer Software

Downloads: 1890
Size: 23.94MB
Shudepb 1.8973

ShuDepb the best pb decompiler

Downloads: 1597
Size: 0KB

.NET executables compression and encryption

Downloads: 1600
Size: 1.24MB
Milesight VMS Pro(ONVIF compatible)
Milesight VMS Pro(ONVIF compatible)

Milesight VMS Pro is a central management system.

Downloads: 1568
Size: 42.35MB
MindFusion.Diagramming for ASP.NET MVC
MindFusion.Diagramming for ASP.NET MVC 2.7

A flow diagramming library for ASP.NET MVC.

Downloads: 1642
Size: 123.75MB
Technical Documentation Copy+Paste Kit
Technical Documentation Copy+Paste Kit 2013

Helps you write clear manuals and help files.

Downloads: 1817
Size: 12.45MB
TestMachine 3.0

Tool for controlled, automated mobile testing

Downloads: 1805
Size: 33.05MB
Veridis Biometric SDK
Veridis Biometric SDK 5.0

FREE Fingerprint SDK.

Downloads: 1585
Size: 11.16MB
MarraLAB for Visual Studio 2012
MarraLAB for Visual Studio 2012 1.1

Automate your develop-deploy-debug cycle.

Downloads: 1809
Size: 6.73MB
System Suite SDK
System Suite SDK 2.9.4

Create applications like TuneUp Utilities

Downloads: 1796
Size: 2.19MB
Elerium Excel .NET Writer
Elerium Excel .NET Writer 2.2

Create Excel (XLS, XLSX) in .NET applications

Downloads: 1661
Size: 3.52MB