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Universal Database Manager and SQL Client

Batch CHM to PDF Converter

Chm to PDF Document Batch Converter.


Aspose.Cells for Java
Aspose.Cells for Java

Aspose.Cells is an XLS Java Spreadsheet SDK.

Downloads: 103
Size: 69.79MB
BCGControlBar Professional Edition
BCGControlBar Professional Edition 30.1

MFC extension library for customizable GUI

Downloads: 153
Size: 102.52MB
DBeaver 6.1.3

Universal Database Manager and SQL Client

Downloads: 1733
Size: 0KB
RadBuilder 4.0

Create interactive multimedia applications.

Downloads: 1650
Size: 15.64MB
Oracle Data Access Components
Oracle Data Access Components 10.4

Oracle Data Access Components for Delphi

Downloads: 1860
Size: 33.31MB
PDF-XChange PRO SDK 8.0.331.0

Everything a developer needs for PDF

Downloads: 232
Size: 144.86MB
VisioForge MP4 H264 AAC DirectShow SDK
VisioForge MP4 H264 AAC DirectShow SDK 7.01

MP4 H264 / AAC DirectShow encoders.

Downloads: 1641
Size: 29.64MB
JxBrowser 6.21

Add a rich web browser component to Java Apps

Downloads: 45
Size: 201.57MB
EAGetMail POP3/IMAP4 Component
EAGetMail POP3/IMAP4 Component 4.6

POP3 IMAP4 .Net component for receiving mail.

Downloads: 8
Size: 3.21MB
TMS Advanced Charts for IntraWeb
TMS Advanced Charts for IntraWeb

Financial graphs & 2D charting components

Downloads: 1644
Size: 10.35MB
Serial Key Generator
Serial Key Generator 4.0

Software developer tool.

Downloads: 4950
Size: 6.69MB
Serial Key Maker
Serial Key Maker

Effortless Protection for your .Net Software

Downloads: 2228
Size: 1.84MB
VB Decompiler
VB Decompiler 11.2

Decompiler of Visual Basic programs

Downloads: 1995
Size: 7.07MB
EditPlus 3.80

EditPlus - text editor for Windows

Downloads: 2696
Size: 1.98MB
GoDiagram 5.0

Interactive Diagram .NET Component

Downloads: 213
Size: 23.57MB
Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect 13

Free Trial Enterprise Architect

Downloads: 1919
Size: 27.58MB
SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Lib for dBase
SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Lib for dBase 7.5

SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Library for dBase.

Downloads: 124
Size: 1.5MB
1D Barcode VCL Components
1D Barcode VCL Components

Generate, draw, and print barcode symbols.

Downloads: 111
Size: 7.11MB
Altova UModel Enterprise Edition
Altova UModel Enterprise Edition 2019r3sp1

Powerful tool for UML software modeling.

Downloads: 112
Size: 97.33MB
CallbackFilter 4.0

Keep track of file operations in real-time

Downloads: 1656
Size: 22.15MB
dotConnect for DB2
dotConnect for DB2 2.4

Advanced ADO.NET data provider for DB2.

Downloads: 1644
Size: 55.74MB
IconCool Green Submission Assistant
IconCool Green Submission Assistant 1.00.131031

Green submission tool for software

Downloads: 1812
Size: 12.27MB
NFT DBCompare
NFT DBCompare 1.0.46

database comparison tool

Downloads: 1782
Size: 35.7MB
Aspose.Cells for Android
Aspose.Cells for Android

Aspose.Cells is an Android Excel component.

Downloads: 1814
Size: 3.09MB
Aspose.Words for Android
Aspose.Words for Android

Aspose.Words is Android word processing API

Downloads: 1650
Size: 3.09MB
Video Management System (ONVIF compatible)
Video Management System (ONVIF compatible)

VMS Pro is a free video management system.

Downloads: 1659
Size: 42.35MB
Bitmap2LCD 3.9d

Programming Tool for small graphic LCD

Downloads: 1578
Size: 9.82MB
Aspose.Email for Android
Aspose.Email for Android

Aspose.BarCode is Android Email component.

Downloads: 1636
Size: 3.09MB
Word Reports
Word Reports 1.00

Create Word reports in .NET

Downloads: 1621
Size: 3.86MB
ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET
ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET 2.0

ERP Client and Server System In VB.NET Source

Downloads: 1564
Size: 20MB
Helges Switchblade
Helges Switchblade 0.9

Is a portable troubleshooting toolkit

Downloads: 1544
Size: 48.5MB
iPhone to Android Transfer
iPhone to Android Transfer 3.1.2

The best iPhone to Android Transfer Software

Downloads: 1880
Size: 23.94MB
Shudepb 1.8973

ShuDepb the best pb decompiler

Downloads: 1584
Size: 0KB

.NET executables compression and encryption

Downloads: 1593
Size: 1.24MB
Milesight VMS Pro(ONVIF compatible)
Milesight VMS Pro(ONVIF compatible)

Milesight VMS Pro is a central management system.

Downloads: 1560
Size: 42.35MB