Steam To Add Non-Gaming Software

Added on: 2012-08-11 09:56:06 by: Emanuel

Valve's Steam platform is know as one of the most popular digital games store on the internet. And is now planing to expand, adding non-gaming software starting on September 5. Steam is currently available on PC and Mac and is looking to port it's platform to Linux distribution in the near future.

With roughly 40 million gamers frequenting Steam, the audience is sure to attract alot of software makers. Steamworks offers alot of great features that could help developers better manage their product, like simplified installation, automatic updates, and Steam Cloud saves, all portable across multiple computers.

Valve has yet to announced what non-gaming apps will take part of the expansion, but leaked from the Steam mobile application the library contains categories for accounting, animation and modeling, audio production, design and illustration, education, photo editing, software training and more.

Developers of non-gaming software titles will be able to submit their applications via Steam Greenlight, a service that allows the Steam community to vote on games for Steam distribution.

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