Windows 8 RTM build '8888' to be signed off for and August release

Added on: 2012-07-26 09:35:38 by: Emanuel

Microsft's Windows 8 RTM build '8888' likely to be in the final stage for an August release.

According to sources posted at WinUnleaked, its highly likely that build 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555 could be released as its RTM software in early August.

Confirming this is Tom Warren at The Verge which posted:


... and we have been able to independently confirm that the company is in the final stages of the RTM process.

Meaning that the RTM build will be shortly released for tessting, providing developers with a more stable operating system then the one thats already released to the public.

Officialy Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8 will go on sale from October 26.

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