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Updated:2015-08-08 18:51:46
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Taxi Drivers:

Download iTaxi Drivers Today and begin to Pickup Passengers from your Yellow Taxi Cab in New York City Starting Early 2013. Find the Closest Taxi Passengers to you for Free, Via the iTaxi Driver Application. Simply Download the Application and Fill in the Driver Form and Start your 1st Shift. We are Absolutely Free to Drivers, thus Preventing Extra Charges. Simply go “On Duty” and begin to Receive Fares, every couple of Seconds. Once you Pick Up a Passenger, just Tap Picked up and when the Fare is Complete just Tap Dropped off, then begin to get New Passengers. Our Additional Features Help for a Better, more Efficient Shift. View the Live DOT Traffic Cameras to decide which route is the more wiser choice. Also if a Passenger Loses something in your Taxi they will be able to reach you and the Passenger will Pay for any of the Interaction, Totally Free for the Driver. iTaxi will be Coming to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami Shortly after our New York City Release.

Instructions of How To Use iTaxiDriver:

1. Turn the app on and fill in the basic driver information so we can see that you are a real, licensed New York City Yellow Cab Driver
2. Let us know if you are a Wheelchair accessible taxi or not, you will still get fairs even if not
3. Go on duty by touching the “Red Off Duty Button” and holding it down, until it turns Green
4. Either keep your phone off or on, the app runs either way, just don’t “End Shift” until you’re done with your day
5. Messages will be sent through a push (text) notifications and come through whether the app is in the foreground or background
6. The Messages will both make a Sound and Display a Visual Signal giving you the Freedom to Drive
7. Simply Tap or Slide the Notification (text) and the App will Launch
8. Tap “Pending Fare” you’re bought to a Live Map where the Passenger is Displayed, if you are not already on the “Pending Fares” page
9. Either Accept or Decline the Fare
10. If you Accept the Fare, view the passenger on a live map until you have picked them up, then Tap “Picked Up”
11. If Declined, You were too slow. Stay on the map and await the next fare that arrives and No Need to Keep Your Phone On; we Will Notify You
12. Once a passenger is dropped off, press “Dropped Off” and begin to pick up new passengers, within seconds

Additional Features:

Instructions of How To Use Live DOT Traffic Camera:

1. Simply Tap the Camera Icon on the Home Screen
2. The Map will Display, Once Displayed, tap on the camera that you would like to View
3. Once a Camera has been Displayed, Simply Tap on the Screen to Resume Searching other Cameras
4. Search Cameras in other areas by Simply Scrolling over the Map
5. Tap "Current" for the Map to Redisplay your Current Location
6. Search an Address Anywhere in the United States, just Tap "Address" and see the Exact Area that you Want

Instructions of How To Use Taxi Lost and Found:

1. First True Taxi Lost & Found
2. Receive Notifications from Passengers that Lost a Parcel in Your Taxi
3. Don’t let Passenger’s loose anything in your Taxi
4. Texts / Push Notifications are Completely Free to Drivers
5. Be a Passenger’s Greatest advocate by Bringing Their Lost Item Back to Them

Restrictions within this Application:

1. Live Passenger’s on This Application are Only Available in New York City, until Further Notice
2. We Do NOT Allow taxi’s to be Hailed when you are Traveling over 10 Miles Per Hour
3. You MUST be a Licensed New York City Taxi Driver (license will be necessary in all additional cities once released) and match the existing City Database of Drivers
4. Do NOT use this App if you are at Taxi Stands or Airports as, those areas have certain Criteria that Drivers Must Abide by and it would be Unfair to other Drivers and Passengers to use the App in these Areas

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.